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Dryer Vent Cleaning

One Speed Services provides multi-unit, industrial and residential dryer vent cleaning, replacement and repair in Portland, Salem and Seattle.


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Dryer Vent Cleaning, Replacement & Repair Services

One Speed Services technicians come equipped with brush and air based agitation tools, high powered dryer vent vacuums, air sled appliance movers and all they tools they need to clean commercial dryer vent systems. We clean thousands of dryer vents per year. We also repair dryer vents that are damaged, clog easy and/or aren’t up to code. As a five-star rated, family owned, Oregon based, small business, you can trust us to be reliable, prompt, thorough and ethical.

Residential Dryer Vent
Cleaning Services

Our technicians are equipped to clean nearly any dryer vent configuration. We can clean from outside, or inside. Roof terminating or wall terminating. We use brush and air based tools, have specialized vacuums and air sled appliance movers.
Dryer Vent Repair
& Replacement

It is extremely common for dryer vent ducting to get disconnected, corroded or torn. In many instances, dryer vents get installed improperly to begin with. This leads to flammable lint spreading throughout your crawl space.
Industrial, Commercial
& Multi-Unit

We are experienced with large apartment complexes, high rises, salons and industrial laundry facilities. Schedule an onsite evaluation, so we can provide a detailed and affordable quote that meets your cleaning requirements.

Dryer Vent Replacement & Repair

Improperly installed and damaged dryer ducts are very common. Typically, these ducts run down from your floor, into your crawl space. If damaged or disconnected, lint will dump into your crawl space. Unfortunately, lint is damaging to your respiratory system, flammable, causes mold and can get called out on real estate inspection reports. Give us a call to schedule a dryer vent inspection and/or cleaning.

Commercial & Industrial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial and industrial dryer vent systems require specialized tools and equipment. These systems consist of larger ducts and larger volumes of lint. Cleaning these systems is extra important due to the cost of the machines, downtime and the potential for fire. Call 1-888-ONE-SPEED to setup a free onsite evaluation.

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