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Attic Restoration

One Speed Services provides attic restoration, insulation, ventilation correction and mold remediation in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver areas.


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Attic Insulation, Mold Remediation & Ventilation Correction

How Your Attic Effects Your Comfort, Health & Utility Bills…

According to the Department of Energy, 85% of heat loss is through your attic. Additionally, attics are the single most common place we find mold in a volume great enough to cause a health hazard. Outdated attic insulation may be asbestos containing and/or causing airborne particles to enter your home and lungs. If you have an ongoing, seemingly unexplainable dust problem in your home, it is likely related the condition of your crawl space, attic or air duct system.

Our 6 Part Attic Restoration Process
  • One Speed’s attic restoration experts are equipped with top-of-the-line insulation vacuums. We can remove most types of attic insulation, including blown-in insulation.
  • If mold is present, our mold remediation experts can remove it with our reduced fume approach.
  • At this point we address ventilation to reduce the likelihood of future mold growth and reduce your summer utility expenditures. This may include installing eve vent guards, dedicated bathroom vents and additional free flowing roof vents.
  • If necessary we can install new, repair the old, seal and/or insulate air ducts.
  • We can air seal can lights and gaps.
  • At this point, your attic is clean, and ready for new insulation. Our installers typically blow-in new fiberglass or cellulose insulation, or we can use your choice of insulation type.

Attic Insulation Removal
& Installation

Overtime, insulation gets disturbed and/or becomes contaminated. Many homes didn’t have enough attic insulation to begin with. This makes it harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, odors develop and wood becomes susceptible to mold. We are experts at removing and installing batt and blown-in attic insulation.
Mold Remediation, Removal
& Prevention

Attics are the most common place we find mold. The presence of mold, even if it’s in your attic, can damage your health, irritate allergies, cause odors, slow the sale of your home and, if unaddressed, can become more expensive to remediate. Our reduced fume approach includes unadulterated, industry leading products.
Ventilation Assessments
& Roof Vent Installation

Inadequate air flow in your attic leads to mold. The most common causes of attic mold are improperly installed eve vent baffles, bathroom fan ducts and not enough free flowing roof vents. To prevent mold, you need air to flow across your wood sheeting and bathroom fan exhaust to go directly out the roof.
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If you are significantly lacking in attic insulation, you will likely qualify for a $1.25 per square foot kick-back from Energy Trust of Oregon. Schedule a FREE attic evaluation to learn more about how One Speed Services can improve your indoor air quality and save you money on utilities.

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