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Mold Remediation

One Speed Service provides interior wall, attic, air duct and crawl space mold remediation in Portland, Salem and Vancouver


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Portland, Salem & Vancouver Mold Remediation & Prevention Services

Experts at Finding & Remediating Mold in Oregon & Washington

In most of Oregon & Washington, our climate is highly conducive to mold growth. The presence of mold in your home or workplace can be damaging to your respiratory health, cause invasive odors, inhibit the sale of your home, and if unaddressed, can spiral out of control. We use industry leading products, and do not adulterate them to cut costs.

Attic Mold Before Treatment
Attic mold is extremely common in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver areas. This mold leaches into the air in your home, degrades your roof and can halt real estate transactions.
After Treatment
Our industry leading, unadulterated mold removal product restores the wood in your attic without roof replacement, sanding or painting the attic with a white sealant paint.

Mold Remediation, Removal & Prevention Process

This process may vary based on the location of the mold, extent of contamination, and the goals of our customer.

  • Setup containment zone with plastic and HEPA air scrubbers.
  • Apply industry leading, unadulterated mold removal product with a low pressure applicator. We wait the appropriate dwell time, then apply again to areas with persistent staining.
  • If necessary, we scrub, sand or scrape away residual mold staining.
  • Technicians will utilize a fog applicator to apply mold and spore fighting product where contamination is likely.
  • If necessary, we install additional ventilation and/or drainage correction to inhibit future mold growth.

A One Speed Services indoor environment specialist will provide a free inspection and recommendations for other ways to achieve a healthier indoor environment.

Free Mold Inspections

Schedule your free visual mold inspection and remediation estimate. Our team consists of mold, home inspection, crawlspace restoration, HVAC, and deep cleaning experts. From indoor air quality, to crawl space restoration, One Speed Services provides specialized cleaning solutions for a clean, healthy and safe indoor environment.

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