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One Speed Services provides attic, crawl space, wall, floor, pipe and air duct insulation services in Portland, Salem and Vancouver.


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Attic, Floor, Wall, Pipe & Air Duct Insulation
Removal & Installation

Portland, Salem & Vancouver’s Most Comprehensive Provider of Insulation & Air Quality Solutions…

One Speed Services is a comprehensive provider of insulation and indoor air quality services. Few other companies take mold remediation, prevention and identification into consideration when installing new insulation in your home. We are well rounded, provide quality work and great communication at a competitive price.

We can help you with the following insulation, attic and crawl space projects:
  • Inject insulation into your walls
  • Remove and install attic insulation
  • Air seal attics and crawl spaces
  • Install sump pumps and trench drains in your crawl space
  • Install vapor barrier and floor insulation
  • Seal and insulate your air ducts
  • Identify, prevent and remediate mold
  • Improve attic ventilation
Attic Insulation, Ventilation & Mold Remediation

Our attic restoration team specializes in insulation removal and installation, ventilation correction, air duct repair and mold remediation. We can help you with real estate transactions, indoor air quality improvements and energy upgrades.

Crawl Space Insulation, Vapor Barriers, Mold & Drainage Correction

Our crawl space restoration experts can remove your existing floor insulation, treat mold, air seal gaps, insulate pipes and install new floor insulation. You will benefit from lower utility costs, warm feet and improved indoor air quality. Mold, standing water, damaged vapor barrier and inadequate insulation are common problems in crawlspaces. These issues can cause health risks, contaminate your air, increase utility costs, slow real estate transactions and cause mold.

Wall Insulation

Do you have an older home with no insulation in your walls? We can inject insulation into your existing walls. This will lower your utility bills, improve resale value, prevent mold and prevent pipe breaks. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Air Duct Insulation, Repair, Sealant, Cleaning & Replacement

We provide air duct repair, insulation, sealant and air duct replacement. If your ducts are lacking insulation, have gaps or tears, if you’re experiencing invasive odors, have high utility bills, or if you want to improve your indoor air quality, we can provide a free evaluation.

Our Insulators Identify & Treat Mold Before Installing New Insulation

The presence of mold in your home, attic or crawl space can be damaging to your health, cause invasive odors, inhibit the sale of your home, and if unaddressed, can spiral out of control. Learn more about our mold prevention and removal services.

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Schedule a free home health evaluation or insulation estimate for pricing. Give us a call or complete our online form. Our knowledgeable estimators can help you identify the scope of your project and provide an estimate. One Speed Service is your new partner in achieving a healthy indoor environment.

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