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Air Duct Restoration

One Speed Services provides air duct restoration solutions in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver metropolatin areas.


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Non-Destructive Residential & Commercial Air Duct Restoration

Traditionally, rust, leaks, mold and fire are grounds for air duct replacement. Proper cleaning protocols can not be performed deep in air duct systems. Often, it is impossible to wet wipe or scrub a duct buried in a wall cavity. With the use of robots and 360 degree, rod guided spraying systems, One Speed Services can coat over contamination and rust, sealing over it, filling the gaps and achieving clean lab results. 

Air duct replacement is extremely expensive, and often unnecessary. Ductwork encapsulation is typically ¼ the cost of replacement and is almost always a viable solution. Our coating products are UL Green Certified, meeting the most stringent off gassing standards. These products have been approved in laboratories, historical buildings, hospitals and sensitive technology facilities. 

Though there are many variations, and a custom remediation plan will need to be established, the air duct encapsulation process typically works as follows:

  • Clean the inside of the ductwork by performing standard duct cleaning. 
  • Where possible, seal large gaps from the exterior of the ducts with liquid or rolled mastic.
  • Cut necessary access holes.
  • Where necessary, use a robot based spray system to coat the ductwork from within.
  • In areas with straight access, we coat with rod based, or hand held spray systems.
  • Patch access holes, and seal them with liquid or rolled mastic. 
  • If duct sealant is a priority, we will pressure test before and after, providing an analysis of leakage reduction. 

One Speed Services provides air duct cleaning, air duct encapsulation, leakage detection, mechanical insulation and air duct sealant solutions. From our headquarters in Aurora, Oregon and office in Auburn, Washington, we serve the vast majority of Oregon and Washington. We are certified air system cleaning specialists and coating applicators through the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. 

These services are available to restoration contractors, commercial mechanical contractors and homeowners. Please contact us for a free evaluation, or to chat with an expert. If you are a mechanical or restoration contractor, we’d love to partner with you. Our specialized air duct cleaning, restoration, sealant and insulation services can be subcontracted to your customers, increasing your depth of services overnight.

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