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Air Duct Sealant

One Speed Services provides quality commercial and residential air duct sealant solutions in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver metropolatin areas.


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Air Duct Sealant Solutions

Improve your indoor air quality, protect your HVAC system and reduce utility expenditures with advanced leak detection and air duct sealant solutions. Air duct leakage occurs in nearly all homes and businesses. One Speed Services has the capability to pressure test commercial systems, establishing a baseline for the level of leakage, then seal the ductwork internally with rod and robot driven spray application systems. For residential systems, pressure testing can cause damage, so we evaluate exposed ductwork (likely in your garage, basement, crawl space and attic) for sealant opportunities, damage and disconnections.

Traditionally, internal air duct sealant services are performed with adhesive fogs. These products are tacky, gripping onto dust, mold, pollen and other debris. It renders an air duct system impossible to clean. In addition, they don’t last long. Overtime, manufacturers of adhesive based air duct sealants have reduced their warranty from 10 years to 3. In contrast, One Speed Services utilizes top quality coating products. These products are antimicrobial and put a smooth finish on the inside of the ductwork. They come with a 10-year product warranty yet have proved to last indefinitely. 

The air duct sealant and leak detection process is performed as follows:

  • Measure current leakage with a pressure testing system or visual evaluation.
  • Clean the ductwork by performing standard air duct cleaning.
  • Inspect and manually seal seams and gaps in accessible portions of exposed ductwork. This is accomplished by repairing large gaps and disconnections, then sealing seams with rolled and liquid butyl mastics. 
  • Identify and seal the ductwork in areas that require our robot based coating system. This is typically necessary where there are turns in the ductwork, and the exterior of the duct is inaccessible.
  • Using a rod-based coating system, seal the interior of the remaining ductwork, creating and patching access holes as necessary.
  • Allow the coatings to cure, then pressure test again to show the reduction in leakage. 

Advanced leak detection and air duct sealant solutions are one of many examples of how One Speed Services strives to provide quality, effective and cutting-edge HVAC restoration solutions. These services are available to restoration contractors, commercial mechanical contractors and homeowners. If you are a mechanical contractor, we’d love to partner with you. Our specialized air duct cleaning, duct restoration, duct sealant and insulation services can be subcontracted to your customers, increasing your depth of services overnight. Please contact us for a free evaluation, or to chat with an expert.

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