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Restaurant Deep Cleaning

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Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Deep Cleaning

The cleanliness of your commercial kitchen is crucial to your restaurant’s success. Strict health-code laws require extremely high levels of cleanliness in order to avoid violations. Let One Speed Services deep clean your restaurant while you and your staff focus on running a successful business. We serve Oregon and Washington from our main office in Aurora, Oregon. 

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

At One Speed Services, our technicians are equipped with hot-pressure washers, extractor vacuums, steam cleaners, and elbow grease. We can move large prep tables and equipment to clean areas that haven’t been cleaned in years. With these tools and expertise, our team is ready to tackle any commercial kitchen deep cleaning.

Front-of-House Cleaning

You vacuum your floor every day, but when was the last time you vacuumed and wiped your ceiling and walls, or moved large fixtures to clean impossible to reach areas? For front-of-house cleaning, our technicians come equipped with HEPA filtration vacuums, high dusting equipment, air scrubbers, window cleaning supplies, and floor scrubbing machines. They actually extract the dust from your building, rather than spreading it around and making it airborne. We can move large fixtures and take apart booths when necessary.

Air Duct Cleaning for the Food Service Industry

If it’s in your air, it’s in your food! Mold, pollen, bacteria and dust are common dwellers in dirty air ducts. If the ductwork in your restaurant is not clean, particles will spread to food. Furthermore, clogged filters caused by dirty air ducts are taxing on your HVAC system, increase electricity costs and labor costs associated with facility cleaning. 

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