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Mechanical Insulation

One Speed Services provides residential and commercial pipe and air duct insulation services in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver metropolatin areas.


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Residential & Commercial Mechanical Insulation (Pipe & Air Duct Insulation)

One Speed Services provides specialized insulation solutions including mechanical insulation, air duct insulation and pipe insulation. Mechanical insulation provides the benefits of rust prevention, condensation prevention, reduced utility expenditures, mold prevention, and increased comfort. 

HVAC or air duct Insulation is extremely important in residential and commercial applications. Uninsulated rigid metal air ducts in your crawl space cool your heated air and are prone to rust. In addition, they heat the humid air escaping from the dirt, increasing humidity and causing mold. In a commercial setting, uninsulated ductwork in a drop ceiling will likely condensate and cause mold. Large commercial utility bills can drop substantially after sealing and insulating ductwork. 

Insulating pipes prevents mold promoting condensation, reduces the time it takes for hot water to reach your faucet, reduces your utility bill, prevents rust and prevents pipe breaks. Pipe insulation is uncommon in a standalone residential dwelling, but equally as necessary as in a commercial building. 

Our air duct insulation process is as follows:

  • Inspect ductwork for leaks and rust, then provide recommendations if sealant or replacement are necessary.
  • Clean the exterior of the ductwork. 
  • Wrap the ductwork with 2” (or whatever the specifications call for), MBI or FSK jacketed insulation. This will be done in four-foot sections.
  • The insulation will be taped to the duct, and all seams will be taped. This is done with approved tapes. For instance, FSK jacketed insulation will be taped with FSK tape. 
  • For commercial applications, the tape is then stapled (self-closing staples) to assure it is held if the adhesive fails. In residential applications, we typically supplement the tape in problematic areas with zip ties. 

Our pipe insulation process is as follows:

  • In a dwelling, we typically need to remove floor insulation before pipe insulation installation can be estimated, unless your wish is to have us only insulate what is exposed. 
  • Inspect pipes for leaks and corrosion, recommending replacement or coating where necessary. 
  • Cover pipes with purpose specific insulation (specifications or your preferences will dictate insulation type and thickness). In commercial settings we use PVC jacketing and stuff bends with fiberglass. 
  • Tape insulation seams and staple if specifications require. 

Our mechanical insulation services are available to homeowners, facility managers and mechanical contractors. Please contact us for a free evaluation, or to chat with an expert. We provide a wide array of beneficial solutions for homes and buildings. If you are a mechanical contractor, we’d love to partner with you. Our specialized air duct cleaning, duct restoration, duct sealant and insulation services can be subcontracted to your customers, increasing your depth of services overnight. 

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