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Considering Crawl Space Encapsulation? Think Again!

As crawl space restoration contractors, we have the privilege of going into six different crawl spaces per day. Roughly one out of fifty have been encapsulated by one of the five major crawl space contractors in the Portland, Oregon area. Keep in mind, these customers wouldn’t be calling us if they weren’t experiencing issues with their encapsulated crawl space. 

The most common complaints we encounter from customers with encapsulated crawl spaces are related to mold, odor, and unexpected damage

  • Frequently, customers complain about a musky mildew smell coming from their encapsulated crawl space. This occurs because all foundation vents are sealed, so you are recirculating the same air for years. The vapor barrier products used for crawl space encapsulation have cloth reinforcement. Cloth in a high moisture environment will stink over time. 
  • Customers are often very discouraged when damage occurs in their $20,000-$30,000 encapsulated crawl spaces. Damage is just as likely to occur in an encapsulated crawl space. 
  • We have seen horrible mold issues develop in encapsulated crawl spaces. Again, this is due to the ventilation. A dehumidifier is often not enough to prevent mold.

So… Why do people get their crawl spaces encapsulated? They feel like going with the most expensive approach, will lead to the best result. Also, it is hard to research. If you Google, “Should I encapsulate my crawl space,” there is a ton of pro encapsulation research. Look closely. This information is not geographically specific and is provided by crawl space encapsulation contractors. Instead, Google, “Why does my encapsulated crawl space stink,” or, “Why do I have mold in my encapsulated crawl space.” 

At One Speed Services, we seldom recommend crawl space encapsulation; however, we have developed a hybrid approach that accommodates waterproofing and storage needs. Set up a free estimate by calling 1-888-ONE-SPEED or completing our contact form. We can create a solution that accommodates your needs at a much smaller price. 

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